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She said she is in Los Angeles, but people spotted a Siyaya in the background.

Social media today is filled with a lot of people who try to deceive their fans, they do things for the gram and that also means lying to the public for more followers. Some people have caught to the social media lifestyle and now know that people's lifestyle on social media is not as real as some people think it is, and then there are some who fall for the things these people post and they feel pressured by the things they see on social media.

A young lady on Instagram was caught lying and people just so happened to notice something in the background that just proved she is lying. The young lady posted an image of herself and added the location that stated that she is in Los Angeles, California, but people just so happened to notice a Siyaya taxi in the background. If you do not know what a Siyaya is then you must not be South african. A Siyaya is a Toyota minibus taxi that was only made in South Africa and Japan back in the day.

The Siyaya minibus taxi proved that she is still in South Africa somewhere, meaning she was lying to her followers on Instagram, but it seems like there hasn't been anything that can get past some fans, this just comes to show that any lie eventually gets caught, so it is much better to just be honest about whatever you do rather than lie about living a certain lifestyle than the one you actually are living.

It's about time people learn to be honest with themselves, because a lot of people on social media seem to lie about a lot of things and more about their lifestyle, would it not be better to just be transparent and have people like you for you instead of like you for something you don't have.

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