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Pictures: In honour of the late Amapiano King Killer Kau

Pictures: In honour of the late Amapiano King Killer Kau.

He may be gone but not forgotten, its been few months after his death but to us his followers he still lives on our lives and hearts.

We know that if Killer Kau was still alive he would have released one of his most beautiful songs that would have shake the world as usual.For the fact that he is no longer here with us does not mean that we have forgotten about his music, talent, and contribution to the music industry.

Of course he came to the music industry at a young age but what he has done there is bigger than the time he has spent in the music industry.God gives and takes, when the Creator allows things to happen, no matter how bad or good there will be no one can have the power to oppose his will.

I believe in the fact that everything has its time, which is why things in this world when they happen are incomprehensible or difficult for people to understand why things happen this way.

Yes, his death was very sudden and unexpected, but he also left us a soul-eating food that will never leave our hearts and minds.

This is something we should know and incorporate in our hearts that a hero does not die but lives in our hearts forever.

Yes, killer Kau will no longer be with us physically, but spiritually he is still alive, people like him are people we should never forget in our lives.Yes his future was bright and prosperous but the creator chose to take him away from us because he saw that his work had been accomplished.

Today it has been three months since he passed away I have decided to honour him with few beautiful pictures to show that in our hearts he is still alive and will forever be.

Rest Hero!Heroes do not die but go to their resting place, now you are in your resting place, you have fought the good fight and your amazing music and your unique voice will always lives in our hearts.

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Amapiano Killer Kau


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