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Something Soweto refuses to work with JubJub on Ndikhokhele remix, this is what happened

JubJub's song Ndikhokhele has been released three days ago where he has featured many artists on it to make it more appealing to every one .

Ofcourse not everyone will be happy for him but majority of people are really grateful for what he has done and he far he came ,even those who thought they were not going to forgive him after the accident that killed those students,they are actually coming yo terms with everything and now they are willing for forgive him.

On Twitter everyone was happy with all the artists he had featured, but there was just something the fans were missing and that is the voice of Something Soweto, fans asked him on his post to say that can he please include Something Soweto as well,he answered by saying that he tried by the guy refused.

Well I am not quiet sure if Something soweto can really refuse as they never had a beef together ,unless they have fought before and that makes him to not want to work with Jubjub,but nevertheless,something soweto was wrong to refused because it's not like Jubjub is doing this for himself, he is dedicating the song to the families who lost their kids due to him being involved in an accident that took their lives .

Anyway we can never be sure as to why Sowthing soweto is refusing to work with him, hopefully soon he will be able to come out and say what really went down

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