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Dj Speedsta comes for Cassper Nyovest

Dj Speedsta who was seen partying the night out with Nadia Nakai, came all out for Cassper Nyovest, and finally spit his hatred towards the rapper. He first called his newly released sneakers names when they dropped, and now he is saying a mouthful.

He posted a tweep saying, "I'm sorry I need to let something off my chest, take it as you want. Cassper Nyovest is weak, no soul, no nothing. Tag him if you want, let him know that Lesego thinks Zero of him, and Lesego know him long time. Your are weak Refiloe", said Dj Speedsta.

This could be related to his ego or his recent happenings with The Braai Show. Some people feel that Cassper had to kick AKA when he down in order to take his position, and this is how Speedsta feels about Cassper.

He added that, " For years, many years that is. He has no soul, will for showbiz, that's why he will do whatever to be on top. In my opinion, you are the weakest SA Hip Hop artist as ever seen and you are supposed to be a role model. Shame on you, have a heart", he added.

He posted another tweep and said, " Long story cut short, leave the Cassper nonsense. I live a pure and genuine life with morals and integrity, that's just how i was brought up. Also always been a very outspoken person, so take whatever I say how you want. I unfortunately don't give a damn", he concluded.

However fans question how is it that Speedsta is sick of Cassper, when he has not yet achieved a bit of the things that Cassper has achieved even with his ego. A fan posted a tweep saying, " Why are you still referring to him as weak while you have not even achieved half of what he has achieved?", a fan asked defending Cassper.

My question to you loyal reader is that, do you think that Speedsta was wrong for coming at Cassper like that?, share your opinions with me in the comments section down below. I personally think that it is not about what you have achieved but it is all about having morals, a heart and integrity.

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