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Sun-El Musician and Msaki drops a song

Msaki and Sun-El Musician dropped a song this last Friday the 29th of May. Good news for them is that the song is sitting on number 1 on most digital music charts.

Msaki wrote on her twitter account that they didn't expect this love from us and certainly not the song to have reached so much spotlight. This song is an affirmation that you're important, you have a purpose in life and whatever obstacles you come across you should remember there's no one like you.

You're uniquely made your dreams are valid and most importantly your life matters. This song is meant to bring you comfort.

It is a very good song as most of us are facing so much challenges during this Covid-19 crisis. A lot of people lost their jobs, their relatives and during this time they certainly don't know what and which direction they will choose once this blows over.

Anxieties and depression have shot high. Some people's escapes are window/shopping, travelling, meeting up with friends or going out dining etc. Except that all is not possible during this time and it puts a strain mostly on their mental health. I want and wish everybody to come across this song and remember their life is not on standstill "Bomi abumanga" and they will certainly come out of this stronger.

Go check out the song, download stream and add to your one of the songs you listen when you need assurance that it is not all bad, your life matters.


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