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What upcoming Rappers do

Up Coming Artists rap about Cars & designer clothes they don't even own.They rap about things they don't even afford.You will hear them talking about Lamborghini & Ferrari's they only see in Tv,Talking about millions when they don't even have a thousand. By the time he still owe a producer. This is done by Hip Hop Up Coming Artists. I understand why they do this,It's not because they're acting like they're rich. It's not because they're claiming to be something they're not. The reason behind this is because they believe that one day they will live that lifestyle they always rap about.Laws of attraction,you think they just rapping but they putting out the energy so they can grab it. If they keep pushing harder they will end up living the life they always rap about. As upcoming artists you should motivate yourself and market your music in a good way. Things take time but don't give up one you'll get there.

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