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Sis Thembi Left People In Tears After She Helped This Young Man After His Friend Did This To Him

Thembi Left People In Tears After He Helped This Young Man After His Friend Did This To Him #DlozLami


See why our parents never wanted us to borrow our friends our school book. Today we discovered that the rate of unemployment in SA is caused by been blocked and he is not going to succeed because he has always been bewitched by his friend.

Tonight on #DlozLami Sello is saying that his life is stucked amd not going anywhere. Everything that he touches turns into disaster. He has asked Sis Themb to help him in fixing his life and finding out what is wrong with him. Sello was protected by her maternal grandmother. He was meant to be a drug addict by now because have used his book to block his ways.vHe was blocked, his intelligence by borrowing someone his book. He had an opportunity of scholarships and bursaries the witchcraft happen through it He was a threat in school. 

The instructions wanted him to become a hobo they wanted to make sure that he never succeed in life. Alot of kids have graduated but are struggling to get a job. It's always some people who block your ways because they are afraid of what you will become.

Parents need to warn their children to not borrow their friends their school book this person was bewitched all because of intelligence. Black people have suffered so much oppression since the inception of time that it's so apparent that almost everything in life has to involve black magic witchcraft to conquer, because we are so dangerously jealous of one another. Imagine even school kids learn how to practice witchcraft on other kids because you were born smart study harder. There may be suffering but God always wins.

That's why I always say, go and consult and see what's happening in your life. You will be surprised how people are working overtime trying to destroy you. So book that consultation with a prophet, book that consultation with a sangoma! Fight for your life. The truth is a lot of us relate. Another thing that's killing us is our parents. Our parents/family members are telling people every little things we archive. It's costing us cuz not everyone wants to see us succeed.

"Alot of graduates are struggling to get a job,Not because they studied the wrong Faculty but it has to do with the injustice of this world"~ Thembi Nyathi

"Never give up on Education and never give up on yourselves, Always stand up to understand what's blocking your path into achieving the purpose God has given you" - Sis Thembi 2022

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