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VIDEO: Mamkhize was the at BET awards taking pictures from the red carpet. Check her pictures


Shaun Mamkhize was at the BET awards red carpet photoshoot and things did not go well for her. From what happened at Propaganda with Mpisane Andile, Mamkhize went through it in the United States of America. She was standing there and many of the photographers did not take pictures of her. It was really a hard moment for her.


Even for people to see what happened in the video was hard. Shaun and Andile are pushing for fame, but it is clear they are doing it the wrong way. Solphenduka from the Podcast and Chill with MacG, he said for you to get recognized by a small thing you should earn. You should work for it and just because you are there does not mean you will have the same response as someone huge.


Mamkhize is not famous for being a big star in the arts and culture. She is heavily known in South Africa and but with the USA, it was different for her. From the comment section, people have made huge comments that she would not find good. She was dragged before she left the country and she is still being dragged again. Fame is really something huge and it is not good at some times.


Especially when you are forcing it to happen and it does not end well. She is not the first person to go through this moment and other people from the comment section have seen it as embarrassing. Some people who are famous don't even want to get a lot of attention; they just want to get normal attention, unlike when you are at BET awards.


Why are some people obsessed with getting famous, which sometimes is not good? They have millions, but they live a normal life and do not do things that will make them popular. They are living a lifestyle that many people do not see if they are wealthy and you will be surprised to see a lot of millionaires who keep a low profile.

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