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"I paid Makhadzi R55k and she did not show up at the event, I'm disappointed in her" - Dr Phaswana

Everybody is innocent until proven guilt, the same applies to Makhadzi who is facing allegations of misconduct. Residents of Mukondeni, Ha-Mashamba and other neighboring villagers are still angry at Makhadzi. They all gathered to a lodge opening ceremony that took place on the 25th of September at Mukondeni aiming to watch Makhadzi who was expected to come and perform. 

A businessman known as Dr Ntavhanyeni Sampie Phaswana has opened up about how Makhadzi disappointed him after they had agreed she would witness the opening of his lodge. Phaswana claims he made advanced payments to Makhadzi for her to come and honor the official opening of his lodge 'Bo Die Krans Lodge' but she did not avail herself and neither did she apologise for not showing up. 

The businessman said he started making payments to the artist on December 2020 and by September 18, 2021 he had already paid the remaining amount (making it a total of R55 000) to Makhadzi but on the day of the event Makhadzi did not show up, and has not said anything up to date. 

Makhadzi is one of the biggest names in South African music industry currently, but let's not forget that she is the same Makhadzi who used to perform in the streets, getting support from local people before the fame. It was local people who supported her music before she got recognized in other provinces and other countries. If it is true that she did received the money then she should do the right thing, because such acts can tarnish her reputation. 

When one has made it in life it's not advisable to forget where you come from. Now that she travels to Malawi, and to other countries it does not mean that people from Mukondeni village are now less important. A music career has no guarantee and if it happens that she falls from grace, everyone will forget about her except the people of Mukondeni because she is one of their own. 

Her fans wish to hear 'its a lie, she did not receive any money' but why would Dr Phaswana lie? It does not add up. Makhadzi needs to fix this and if there was an inconvenience she must clear the air. 

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