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Nothile reveals something new to Lehasa

Lehasa becomes shocked after Nothile reveals something about herself to him.

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Lehasa had such good intentions for Nothile despite his circumstances with Pretty. He wanted a report about her pregnancy but was still willing to make it work Nothile. Lehasa considered Pretty's pregnancy to be an issue for himself and his relationship with Nothile which is the reason he chased her away with her family when they uncovered the pregnancy to him.

Thinking of her future, Pretty was left with no decision but to end the pregnancy and it appears to be that the Maphosa’s are beginning to show interest in the pregnancy not realizing that it may be too late. Pretty is prepared to continue with her business and disregard the pregnancy but, it appears that Lehasa and his family will visit her very soon. 

Nothile revealed that she does not want kids and as a result, she eliminated her ovaries. This took Lehasa by surprise as she knew that he wants a family with her. Since he learnt that she can’t have children, this makes a huge difference, then again Nothile wants to take in Pretty’s kid so she can raise him with Lehasa. It appears they are as of now making arrangements about the child not knowing that Pretty previously ended the pregnancy. 

The report about Nothile not having the option to have children will definitely affect her relationship with Lehasa. He should think cautiously if he wants to proceed with the relationship, regardless of whether it implies that they won’t ever have children. Having kids have consistently been one of Lehasa’s fundamental need. However, Nothile's decision will somehow affect their relationship. In fact it will affect their relationship badly.

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