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Tall Ass Mo found innocent of rape allegations levelled against him by Lerato Moloi.

Tall Ass Mo found blameless of assault claims evened out against him by Lerato Moloi. Jokester and unscripted television star Mongezi Mahlangu otherwise called Toll Ass Mo has purportedly been vindicated of assault charges after an extensive case.

As indicated by an explanation shared by blogger Musa Khawula from the Specialized Security Services, the assault charges evened out against the jokester by model Lerato Moloi, have been dropped.

"Mr Mahlangu has been completely absolved," read piece of the assertion.

The assertion further says "As illustrative of Mr and Mrs Mahlangu and family, we are devoted to taking this case further: exceptional advances will be taken against the informer."

Khawula further announced "Cost A$$ Mo to document charges of criticism, slander of character as well as common accuses of respects to add up to legitimate costs caused and far reaching loss of pay endured against Lerato Moloi who dishonestly blamed for assaulting him in March 202."

Lerato made stunning charges against Toll Ass Mo in 2014, after she blamed him for assault and rape. She guaranteed the occurrence occurred while the two were dealing with a creation together.

Through her attorneys, Lerato said that she wouldn't be hushed.

"For a long time, I have been fighting to track down the boldness and support to oppose various demonstrations of savagery which have happened to me.

"In 2014, I was physically attacked and assaulted by Mongezi 'Cost Ass Mo' Mahlangu while dealing with a TV creation in Paarl, Western Cape.

"For various reasons, I didn't open a case at that point and just imparted this experience to one of different members on the show", she said in the proclamation.

Legal counselors for Toll Ass Mo requested Lerato to eliminate a tweet where she made the claim.

In the explanation, she said: "In the beyond multi month's I have been presented with letters from his lawyers to eliminate my tweets.

"A security request was then applied for against me alongside a break request requesting that I erase my tweets and really endeavoring to quiet me soon after I got comfortable with myself to talk about my encounters.

"This finished in a capture warrant being given against me and my resulting detainment."

In 2020, Following a virtual entertainment shock over a meeting with Tol Ass Mo on BET Africa's Behind The Story, Mome Mahlangu ended her quietness.

In an Instagram post, she reaffirmed her help for her significant other, and Mome explained that their quietness was not a confirmation of culpability yet rather a choice to regard the law.

She uncovered that she would leave her significant other assuming he's seen as liable

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