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Remember The famous Chubby Funny Who Was Known For Eating With His Mom In Her Car, He Is Dead

Antwain Lee Fowler, also known as the "funny chubby kid," has passed away at the age of 61.

In one of his viral videos, his mother tells him that others have told her that he is going to bankrupt her because he spends too much money on food and entertainment. Another time he was questioning his mother if the person he was seeing on the webcam was actually him, and he exclaimed, "OMG that is me mum," which was extremely amusing to hear. Many viral videos of him have gone viral, and you have probably heard of him through memes, WhatsApp stickers, and GIFS.

Antwain is a 6-year-old boy who is best recognized for his viral videos.

Watch the video below to see where the "where we bout to dine at" video has passed away:

When Antwain Lee Fowler was six years old, he was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Enteropathy, which was discovered in July 2015. AIE is a deficiency ailment that affects the intestines. It is a rare condition. As a result of his ailment, he had undergone more than 25 surgeries as an infant. As reported in an article, he was unable to drink milk or eat anything other than liquids.

Those first four years of Antwain's existence were filled with struggle and hardship, and they were a life-changing event for him and his family. The combination of unending prayers, financial assistance, faith, and physicians working around the clock allowed Antwain to gradually recover, but he was unable to continue to battle for his life any longer

Antwain was only alive for six years, but he managed to make a significant contribution to the world during that time. That is completely insane. I hope he and his family can find consolation in one another's company.

Matthew 19:14, Matthew 19:15, In response, Jesus responded, "Let the small children come to me, and do not impede them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." I heard my pastor, who lost his son to drowning this morning in church, say exactly the same thing: Antwain's death may be heartbreaking, but he may have been a seed God wanted to grow, and he just needed 6 years to do so.

Antwain passed away today.

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