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Khwezi And Phomolo Have Something Hiding


Is Khwezi's kid not Lehasa's? See the genuine dad? Eventually, Phomolo understands that Khwezikazi is coming clean when he lets him know that Khwezikazi is holding a tremendous measure of cash for Lobola.

Is Khwezi's youngster not Lehasa's? Could it be said that he is the genuine article?

Phomolo knows that Khwezikazi is arranging something he views as foul, yet he wishes he hadn't brought it up.

Because of this, Khwezikazi endeavored to be adroit notwithstanding Phomolo when he came to see her, as he saw that understanding killer on the party's side and felt that he could trust her.

Uncle Phomolo, then again, was more astute than her since he saw that Khwezikazi was hiding something from him, so he went through the waste canister and found the telephone and SIM card that Khwezikazi used to speak with the agent of the arrangement.

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