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Skeem Saam: Is Alfred a murderer?

Skeem Saam: Is Alfred a murderer?

While you're here, please follow me.

The past couple of weeks have seen Alfios's character develop. He moved from being Charles's shadow and became a frontman for Alfred. Either way, we've seen more of his acting craft than we did when he was working in the tuck-shop.

It is true when they say that it is a dog eat dog world. It is every man for himself and someone who lives by this is Alfred. He refuses to be exposed for his fraud and will do anything to protect his image, even if it means pushing his frontman off a mountain.

The fact that the two went to talk on the mountain was a great way for them to make sure that whatever happens there, stays there. Because the mountain is so isolated from the village, Alfios might only be found at a very later stage. The two have no phones with them so there's no way for them to be tracked down. Unless... Curious Melita arrives at the scene only to find an unconscious Alfios.

Did Alfios die? Why did Alfred have to push him in the heat of their argument? His ambitious and greedy character in Skeem Saam has sent viewers down memory lane when he and his on-screen wife, Celia broke all the rules in the Pedi Shakespeare just for him to rule the kingdom. Alfred will do anything when he is pushed into a corner, so murder is not a farfetched thing for him to do.

The results of being power-hungry, Thank you Skeem Saam for the lesson #SkeemSaam @GabbyMagabane

The moment they went up that mountain I just knew that Alfred will push Alfios down 🤞😪#SkeemSaam @TebogoTestimony

Alfios doesn't deserve this #SkeemSaam @LeeanneP10 

I knew Alfred will kill the guy ...just didn’t think it will happen like that #SkeemSaam @GarisheNcumisa  

Thoughts? Do you think Alfios died?

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January 28, 2022.

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