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Dj Finzo Become A Laughing Stock After Camera Caught A Man Doing This To Him In #GiantsOfTheCity

Dj Finzo Become A Laughing Stock After Camera Caught A Man Doing This To Him In #GiantsOfTheCity

DJ Finzo one of few short people who has opened up about his battles with self-worth. The SouthAfricanDJ whose real name is Phinel Sefatsa suffers from dwarfism and took to MojaLoveTv this week to shine the spotlight on those "who are ashamed of themselves". This come after her daughter saw a video of him on stage djing while a man appeared on stage and carry him.

The way DJ Finzo takes time to explain everything to his daughter is so beautiful. Very beautiful. Kore he is building her confidence. I love that. Finzo is a beautiful black father. He takes time to explain things to his daughter and allow her to ask questions.

DJ Finzo was disrespected him been moved and carried like that off stage, a whole DJ just because his short. Dj Finzo was being bullying and disrespectful that his Daughter saw that video, its breaks her heart one can see her pain in the eyes. And the daughter feels powerless because she cant protect her dad. The guy could have communicated with finzo that it isnt his turn and not pick him up like that...noo man. Finzo must get bodyguards, he shouldn't be bullied like that.

Finzo’s relationship with his daughter is beautiful to watch. God might not have blessed Finzo with height but jeeezzz my dawg is best dad that most would wish... Big up bro and shame on sthuphethu that disrespected him and removed him from stage. We wish that all fathers out can something from Dj Finzo.

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