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Chillers Drag SABC For Move Against MacG - "We don't Need you Anyway"

As of late, MacG was put in the spotlight after his scene with Jub on his Podcast and Chill show. It was after Amanda Du Pont delivered an assertion uncovering Jub's maltreatment charges that Black Twitter chose to pursue the podcaster.

Not long after, numerous different famous people came to MacG for his meeting which simply prompted an epic tirade from a noticeably irritated MacG. In his latest live scene on the webcast, MacG hit back at every one of his cynics, letting them know that in case the substance isn't interesting to them, then, at that point, they are allowed to devour content that they really need.

It was likewise during this scene that MacG shared with regards to what had befallen him at SABC, where he was a moderator shooting another show.

"They called me brother, I didn't try out, I didn't continue there and say I want to be on the show… they needed me on the show. So we're shooting it the entire week when all of this was unfurling, and afterwards Amanda dropped the video, and the following day we're occupied with shooting … then, at that point, Mellow and Sleazy resemble we're not shooting a scene assuming this current person's on it … their administrator said they're not shooting a scene in case this person is on it..." said MacG

This disclosure has not sat so well with chillers and different devotees of the web recording. Presently many have taken to Twitter to request a reaction from SABC saying that they need MacG restored as the moderator of the show. For what reason would they need to try and drop him when they are the ones who head-chased him in any case?

Chillers concur that regardless of whether they get back to him on the show, no telecaster could coordinate to the work MacG is doing. And keeping in mind that drop culture might have additionally needed to come at SABC, MacG was clear enough when he said, it's not the show that should be assaulted, rather the people who uncovered themselves during the meeting.

During the scene, MacG likewise went on to guarantee the two specialists Mellow and Sleazy that in however much they feel they're shaking at present, their opportunity will come when nobody will need to hear what they need to say, and afterwards they will be the ones searching for MacG.

"So Mellow and Sleazy they're shaking now. Delay until the business and the framework f**ks them up, which stage would they say they will go to recount their story? Furthermore, we'll invite them! It's not necessary to focus on us! We approve of anyone"


Chillers Drag SABC For Move Against MacG - ZAlebs

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