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Is It A Sin To Listen To Worldly Songs? Pastor Chris Sheds Light On The Topic

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a popular televangelist, provided light on the subject of music, specifically whether it is okay for Christians to listen to all genres of music.

The following are snippets from the viral video.

Timothy from the United States of America, Thank you for the chance, Pastor Chris l. My inquiry is this: Is music listening a sin? I am referring about music other than spiritual tunes.

Pastor Chris responds to the inquiry.

"All music, after all, conveys a message. Whatever music you are listening to, if it is music, it almost always has a message. Even if you're listening to an instrumental, there's a message there. Music connects you to your spirit, since music originates in the world of the spirit.

"As a result, it always sends a message to your soul, both consciously and subconsciously. Eventually, you will gravitate toward the message conveyed by the music. Thus, that is the hazard. If you continue to listen to music that sends the incorrect message, you will eventually begin to behave in accordance with the message. regardless of whether it is favorable or bad.

"Remember that every piece of music you listen to has a message. Thus, it is critical to consider the message you are sending down into your soul, since you will eventually become the message you are continually listening to.

"In my view, choose music that reflects the kind of message you want to convey in life, whether good or bad. This is why we caution Christians about the kind of music they listen to. As a result, I shall counsel Christians to listen to music about God."

This is a link to the video.


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