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Heartbreaking Full Episode of Uyajola 9/9 Exposed This

Heartbreaking Full Episode| Latest Episode of Uyajola 9/9 Exposed This

Date: 2021/10/10

A couple was found by Jub Mr. Sweets on the show this evening which was a blockbuster, the show has a couple wearing pink clothes which were matching, they were in Eastern Cape at the mall eating some fried chicken in the Car and the presenter asked them what was going on.

The show has become so big that people do not want it to be canceled, even though it breaks families and hearts it was an awesome show to watch, like always it was a man that was cheating so the lady was very angry hit the other lady with the drink they were sipping on.

Jub is an animal when it comes to such, he asked the guy hard questions and said to him, you are happy now this is happening, and also asked him why is surprised, did he not think what he was doing would get him to the point where things are right now. The episode was very good it had more than 3 000 mentions that tweeted that had the entire public glued to their screens.

Jub has made an iconic show, if he pitched the Idea to multichoice they should be able to give him some royalties from the advertising money.

They can also decide to stage the entire show and people will still watch it, set up good advertising spots that are positioned in such a way that people do not understand what is going on, or the show is reality when it is not.

The show always has someone crying or slapped that is why Jub got a way to add female bouncers who will hold the ladies so they do not hurt each other like before. The people want to see the show they love it even the ones without DSTV so we supply it here.


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