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People Are Sending Their Prayers To Tyler Perry After What Happened To Him

Many people may wonder what is happening to the movie hollywood movie Icon Tyler Perry.Tyler perry is a producer,a movie writer,director and founder of Tuler perry Srudio,He has just been announced as a Billionare lately.Yhe man is 51 years old and he has achieved a lot in hit entirely life.

Something said happened to him that caused people to send their prayers to the man.

Tyler Perry took it to social media that he is 51 years and single.He wondering what the next chapter of his life,and whatever it looks like he is going to walk with God.This are very said said news for man.what really happened?

Tyler Perry has been dumped by wife Gelia,Gelia is q model and has been wife Tyler perry from 2017.The pair separate a while ago due to personal reasons and remained close friends for the sake of their son.Tyler perry said that he has been single for 15 years busy fixing up his life and waiting for his souls mate.

The reason why he was not dating it's because he wanted to deal with poverty first before he can marry his wife.he hate poverty he said.when he has done building his life that's where he married Gelia whom.he thought was his souls mate.unfortunately things didn't go according to his plan.

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