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Celebs Who Made Us Laugh By Tripping And Falling Down.

Life can be embarrassing for all of us whether you are celebrity, rich and happens to us all. And you can decide to either laugh or stay embarrassed.

However most people especially scientists believe that laughter is the best remedy for the mind, body and soul. So it is encouraged to laugh at your embarrassing moments. You can't always take yourself too seriously, you will only cause heartache for yourself. So when you fall, its best to just laugh at yourself and move on.

Falling is the funniest thing a human being can do, mostly because it happens unexpectedly. And when it happens to our celebrities, it is even more funny because it rarely ever happens.

So in this article we will be laughing at the very funny and very embarrassing moments when celebs accidently tripped and fell down in front of cameras!

It can happen to anybody including David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Katey Perry and Beyonce to name a few!

David Bekham

Katey Perry

Lady Gaga

The only difference between celebrities and normal people is that we can easily forget about our embarrassing actions, however celebs are around cameras all the time so ofcourse every moment is captured and will be on the internet immediately.


Stevie Wonder

Tripping happens to everybody, but it becomes a nightmare when it happen while you’re walking the red carpet, in front of hundreds of photographers, fans, and many other stars.

And unfortunately you can't run home and pretend like it didn't happen. Your next reaction is what will determine if the picture is funny or embarrassing.

So don't take everything seriously because no one is perfect, including these celebs who made us laugh by tripping and Falling down.

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