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Sikes will know Leetos Plans Of Destroying Him Through Fly


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Bra Sikes will emerge from prison and his going to manage Leeto 

Leeto and Fly have been a long time colleagues and reliably arranging something vile, and this time they're doing just things that are trying too hard to find something. Fly conveys gun to put their plan into a movement. 

Leeto needs a reprisal to Mary Matloga and Bra Sikes, considering the way that they have been filling his heart with joy to day's life especially hard. Leeto similarly needs his mother not to go to jail for all of the bad behaviors she made. Does this infer that Leeto has gotten back to his old techniques for doing criminal? 

Fly requirements to exhibit his dedication to Leeto by bring him weapons. Are they going to the Matloga house or following Bra Sikes straight. John will be so disappointed to find that his youngster is doing bad behavior again. Leeto is a criminal that wears a lavish suit, he looks like undercover.

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