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Zola Nombona is fighting for her life in hospital.

Zola Nombona, an actress and TV presenter who played the character of Pam in Generations the Legacy has been hospitalized after she suffered health issues. The South African star admitted that she has been overworking and in the process neglected her mental wellness which landed her in a burnout.

Burnout occurs when someone is physically, mentally, and mentally exhausted due to prolonged stress. Anyone can experience this syndrome when they are hardworking and have other stressors. One may feel demotivated, tired, and emotional.

When it comes to hardworking people, health wellness is of less priority just like Zola. While the actress plays the character of Pam in Generations the Legacy, she is also the host of the 5th Royal Soapie Awards. This says a lot about her ambitions to secure the bag but she neglected a few things like taking care of her body. One of the reasons Zola is working tirelessly is that she is a mother and as we all know, parenting comes with responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is to be willing to sacrifice your own time and work harder to support the kids.

Beyond being hardworking, Zola is a selfless individual, who likes seeing us strive. "Felt so good hosting the RSA Nominees announcement last night... A big congratulations to the nominees", she added.

Congratulating the others for making the big moves in the industry takes selflessness. Most of the celebrities hate one another because of egos and hate to seeing others prosper.

Zola reportedly shared some of the struggles she experienced as a mother.

"I’ve never been away from my son for more than 48 hours. I’m now working away from home and my heart is not ok. The state of our country is already leaving one with a nasty aftertaste. Oh what I would give to see his smile, to score a 2 second hug and hear him say Mama," she said.

Zola also shared how sometimes she struggles to balance between emotions and work. She shares that even though being emotional may be a weakness it also strengthens her at the same time.

"Being a working mother is surely one of the toughest roles I’ve had to play. There are days where I find myself so tired I could cry. Then guilt kicks in. ‘You can’t be complaining of being tired when you’ve been blessed with work, and doing what you love at that’ I think to myself. Then I start feeling tension in my head as I head back to learning my lines and working,” a source confirmed.

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