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People had this to say after seeing this picture that Libo posted on social media of him and Nale


Former Big Brother mzansi season 3 contestants Libo and Nale had a lot of people on social media talking after Libo posted a picture of them on social media. The Big Brother mzansi show certainly created a huge platform for them, as they are now well known in South Africa.

They were recently even at the MVCA which is one of the biggest awards show in South Africa. Libo even posted some pictures of himself which people on social media commented on, as they were saying that he looked good here.

Some people however were even to focused on the picture of Libo and Nale, as some loved seeing them together. They were even saying on social media that they were wishing that they could date. However by looking at this picture you could clearly see that they both looked good in this picture.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing these pictures that Libo posted.

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