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Rihanna remembers a lady who ghosted her boyfriend.

So today Rihanna posted a story by a lady who got her boyfriend cheating on her. The boyfriend gave her a key to his apartment. So one day the lady goes to the apart and finds the boyfriend in bed with another lady . The girl friend leaves the key and pretends she did not see anything. She packs her bags and leaves town without telling him.

This is the best revenge in my opinion he probably still not over the way she left.

Power move and a poison pill too. Every time he might want to play that game, he would be reminded how she left him behind with out a single chance for him to say anything to her. Even if he got rid of the one from her, that memory would be tied to that game. He’d never enjoy playing it.

I hope she’s thriving where ever she is, new job, new city, no trash or emotional baggage.The universe just works in mysterious ways .

I adore her. My only note was I would have returned the video game and just left a green velvet ribbon with the key . I would ask my friends and family to not only block him, but pretend they never heard of me if he ever runs into them.

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