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Opinion: Khanyisa & Her Ben 10

Khanyisa is dating a guy (sorry, I can't call him a man!) who is 10 years younger than she is! His name is J. Molley. He has the cutest face, he looks 15 to me! He is a rapper. Some women actually do like younger men but someone like Khanyisa seems to be someone who would need a partner that is more established.

As a rule, of course exceptions exist, older men seem to be more established and be geared toward settling down. As a woman who is 32, if a life of settling down is what Khanyisa is looking for, I don't know if she'll find that with someone like J. Molley. He is 10 years her (Khanyisa's) junior. Then again, if Khanyisa wants to have fun, play the feild then a young man willa give her that and more power to her for choosing that path (if she's chooses that path).

I'm not one of those people who likens men dating women who are decades younger than they are to women doing the same thing. On the surface those two things are the same but, men date women who are much younger than they are for different reasons as compared to why women do it.

Men are socialized to be leaders and providers. When a man dates a woman much younger than he is, he is more likely to be more established than she is and his word is more likely to be taken seriously by a younger woman.

A woman dating a much younger man tends to be already established, being able to care for herself and she is looking to have fun.

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