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Asavela shows off the beautiful house she built but Twitter notices something.

When we talk about young talent and also upcoming young thespians there is no doubt that Asavela is definitely one of them.

She has been in the entertainment industry and also the acting industry for more than five years now and she is still going very strong.

Besides being an actress she is also a business man and she is doing so great for herself.

She is in to farming and also mining as well and she has ventured into other businesses as well with her husband.

A lot of people know her from the telenovela called Isibaya as that is where she made her first debut on our television screens.

We later saw her from the other telenovela called Abomama and that is where she showed off her other language which is Xhosa.

Early today she posted a picture of her latest project and it is a house and it's very beautiful.See below her house.

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