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Mzansi Reacts On A Video That Has Gone Viral On Social Media Of A Student And A Teacher Fighting In

Mzansi couldn't close their mouths after another video of a teacher and a student was shared on Social media. In this video a student was seen leaning against the wall while the teacher was repeatedly beating her up.

We do understand that when a student has been wrong they must be a punishment for that child. Beating a child as if your fighting with your peers is wrong. This was no longer a punishment but the teacher was now releasing her stress on the kid. Children were chunting and making noise in the background to them this was the best moment ever.

Surely the teacher didn't expect what this student did to her. She thought that she was going to beat her up and she would sit in a corner and cry the whole day. The teacher was not even beating her in her hands but she was beating her all over her body. If you were a parent and your child comes back at home crying about being beaten all over her body how would you feel?

What this girl did was expected after all, nobody can stand back and watch someone beating her up like that. The teacher had no right to do what she did. In this photo you can see clearly how the student chosed to retaliate at the end, the teacher was not fit enough to fight with a youngster.

Right now it seems as if the student was being rude or disrespecting the teacher but we all can see that this was a self defense. The student was defending himself.


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