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How The Lifestyle Of The Boy Who Was Called 'Monkey' Has Changed After His Story Went Viral

Once he was ridiculed, trolled, and referred to as a monkey, today he's a rising star in the music industry. His tale went viral after it was posted by Afrimax on YouTube on November 17th, 2020, creating headlines all around the world and winning the hearts of many. People began spreading the word about his plight on social media. Zanzimana Elly is his given name.

After Zanzimana's tale went viral, he became well-known not only in Tanzania but around the world, and now anytime he leaves the house, people follow him around to snap his photo.

In addition, his fashion sense has evolved, and he now wears some of the most stylish ensembles.

Take a look at this for a moment.

Take a look at some of the feedback on the subject.

The birth of Zanzimana Elly was a result of his mother kneeling before God and pleading for any kid she would be given, as long as they lived. Even a crippled kid, she reasoned, would suffice, and so she prayed to God for one, and he provided her with Zanzimana Elly. This was after she had four children, all of whom had tragically died within a short period of time.

When Elly was 22, his facial features were said to be similar to those of an African chimpanzee. He couldn't speak, and his skull couldn't handle formal education.

According to his mother, he used to eat grass like an animal and will have to be chased home by his father if he ever shows up again.

When Afrimax first met this family, they were struggling to obtain food, with little prospects for the future. They established a fundraising effort on, and many people gave.

Elly was then escorted to a special school for impaired children and given a new, fully-furnished residence.

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