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OPINION: The 70-year-Old influencer who hangs out with models , causes a stir on the internet.

Mwendaz we Drip is a popular flamboyant Zimbabwean businessman , event organizer and social media influencer. Mwendaz is wild known for his expensive lifestyle and his great taste in fashion. He is always wearing nice expensive clothes and drives fine Germany luxury cars. Mwendaz is also alleged to be blesser mainly because of his party lifestyle and that he is always surrounded by young beautiful models. He has a great marketing strategy that is why he is probably one of the most popular social media influencers in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

However recently Mwendaz has been trending on social media everyone has been talking about his party lifestyle and the young people he hangs out with. Well people need to understand that Mwendaz is a marketing genius as a event organizer he has managed to bring in big international artist to perfom in Africa. He is just using social media to market his brand and it's working perfect well for him , but people envy his success and they won't understand that is why they ridicule him . He has made name for himself as an influencer as he represents various fashion brands as ambassador.

Age is nothing but a number it's only the body that gets old but the heart never ages. People tend to stop chasing their dreams thinking that they are old , while setting limitations for themselves. Not understanding that there are no limitations as to how far you can go , the only limitations are the ones you set upon yourself. Dreams do come true at any age so don't stop dreaming and don't just dream but dream big , and don't stop at nothing until you reach your desired destination

The main reason why I decided to share this story it's because it's very inspiring and it might inspire someone out there. So for anyone who is over 50 and they are sitting our there thinking that it's too late to pursue their dreams , well think again if Mwendaz can do it at 70 that literal means you can also do it. It's all about having the right mindset and to keep going regardless of the challenges.

However some people have constantly ridiculed Mwendaz because of his lifestyle and the way he carries himself , some even say he is too old so he must behave like an elder and be a perfect example for the young generation. But in humble opinion I think there is nothing wrong with the way Mwendaz choses to live his life. This is a free democratic world so everyone is free to do and live as they wish , aslong a they are not hurting anyone. While opinion differs at the end of the day each and every person is entitled to his or her own opinion. What do you think of Mwendaz's lifestyle considering his age? Well you can leave a comment below and share your views.

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