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Jonas makes a hefty demand or he tells Funani everything in House of Zwide

Faith is very secretive to her husband to hide the very sensitive information. She wanted Funani to stop searching for his daughter Zobuhle. Funani kept on investigating about this matter that his daughter might be still alive. Remember his son was troubled by nightmares and hearing voices at the night of fire.

Funani called detective Jonas who was a retired cop but came back to solve the very important cases. Funani questioned him about the day of fire that claimed his wife and daughter.

Jonas found Funani perusing the report that submitted to him by the cops regarding his wife and daughter being burnt on fire. Funani asked if is it possible that there was one body not two that night of fire. Jonas said I remember that there were two bodies on fire. My son Nkosi remembers because he was there. Funani also told Jonas that his son saw a man taking Zobuhle. Jonas became aggressive and said with due respect I don't understand how your son's dream concern me.

Jonas paid a visit to the Molapo homestead. Isaac was not there but he found his family and they chat and laughing. Isaac came and he was surprised what he was doing at his house. Remember Isaac knew that he retired from police long time ago not knowing that he came back as an investigator.

Jonas told Isaac that he had a good chat with Funani but don't worry I didn't say anything yet. Isaac said what do you mean when you say you haven't told him yet. Jonas demanded a huge amount that Faith will can't afford within a predatimine period, or else I will tell Funani everything.

Isaac informed Faith that Jonas want one million to keep quiet. Jonas interupted their conversation and said Faith Zwide long time no seen. Ask yourself what will happen if Faith failed to give him that amount, he will go straight and tell Funani. That will prove that Nkosi 'dreams was true and the man was Isaac who took Zobuhle. If the truth is out they will rot in jail and Faith will lose all the wealth she is living at Zwide family. She will go back to her low class life where she was found by Funani in Tembisa.

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