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Lasizwe Gets Savagely Body Shamed, this comes after he posted a photo of his swollen feet

Youtube sensation Lasizwe Dambuza is consistently at the less than desirable finish of disdain, particularly on Dark Twitter. As indicated by many, Sweerie will do pretty much anything to stand out enough to be noticed and Mzansi is starting to puzzle over whether or not he is as yet pertinent in the business.

This time, it appears to be what is going on isn't any unique, essentially not after that photograph Lasizwe shared of his enlarged feet on Twitter. Taking to his remark segment, you can as of now envision how amusing and destructive the remarks are.

The general feelings are obviously that he could be pregnant on the grounds that we as a whole realize that enlarged feet are in the event that not generally all of the time of the time connected to pregnant ladies. In any case, since we definitely realize that Sweerie being pregnant is profoundly inconceivable, there is no clarifying why tweeps would express such things about him.

Be that as it may, even subsequent to seeing this photograph, many were as yet not certain whether or not these were really Lasizwe's feet. Wager that is the thing you are thinking so excessively right? All things considered, Lasizwe really affirmed in one more tweet that they truly are his feet and we should simply say that this has landed him in ever more sweltering soup.

This isn't whenever Lasizwe first is being put enduring an onslaught for his exceptionally enigmatic tweets. Only a few days ago, he likewise took to his Twitter to suggest that he would have been a father and this just sent tweeps out of control.

Also since he has posted a photograph of his enlarged feet, all things considered, you can envision how inconceivably diverting the entire circumstance looks.

What's more in the event that that isn't sufficient, scarcely a couple of hours after the fact, Sweerie likewise took in one more tweet to share that morning affliction sucks and all we are passed on to ponder is, "Truly Sweerie?" Regardless of whether it was not his aim to get misconstrued, obviously all that he does and tweets will be made a huge deal about by Dark Twitter.

His fans have likewise gone on to let him know that he shouldn't need to constrain things since he has run out of content.

They will in any case remain adoring and supporting him regardless. For other people, they have gone on to give him a few solutions for his feet trusting that he improves soon.

Now let us simply say that this won't be the last time we will be hearing from Lasizwe as he will undoubtedly accomplish something questionable once more. In any case, this was fat disgracing on an unheard of level.


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