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Pregnant women who Killed Halloween with their creative costumes. African Ladies Would Never Do This

Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations, especially in the US, and everyone is getting super excited as it’s approaching. Fancy costumes are in the making, houses are being decorated and parties organized.

While everyone is trying to find the best costume for them, some are looking for two-in-one costumes, since they’re pregnant! In the photos that follow, you can get great ideas for pregnancy costumes that will blow your mind and possibly win you best costume if you recreate them!

1. Wrecking Ball

Just like Miley Cyrus “came in like a wrecking ball”, you can do the same by using a Barbie doll and chains! Fancy, isn’t it?

2. Star Wars

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you can recreate this costume and rest assured you will impress everyone! Even if your friends aren’t fans of the movie, they will get the idea.

3. Avocado Stone

You only need some cardboard and paint for this one- let your baby bump do the rest! This is one of the cutest ideas, right?

4. Egg Hatching

This is such an impressive Halloween idea! No doubt you’ll win best costume in this one!

5. In A Hurry

This baby seems to be in a hurry to get out! We bet you’ll give your friends a scare with this costume idea!

6. BB-8

One more costume inspired by the Star Wars movies, this one also offers a very convenient name- BB stands for BaBy, doesn’t it? Your friends will love it!

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7. Juno

Juno and Bleeker are a great idea for expectant couples! Just make sure there will be no Vanessa character costume around!

8. Precious Pearl

Your baby is precious as a pearl and lives inside you just likes pearls do in oyster shells. Great metaphor, great costume idea!

9. ET the Extra-Terrestrial

This elaborate ET costume will have your friends and family say “ET phone home”! Have you noticed baby bumps are great alien inspirations?

10. Creepy

Creepy as this may be, you don’t want your unborn baby to miss trick or treat! And this is such a cool way of doing it!

11. Mike Wazowski

One more couple’s costume idea is Monsters Inc! Mike is about to steal some hearts, that’s for sure!

12. Snoopy

Who didn’t love Snoopy back in their childhood? This simple and inexpensive costume idea will definitely receive many compliments!

13. Snowman

Yet another simple but at the same time creative idea. The snowman is super cute and requires little effort and materials to make.

14. Skeleton Business

What a clever idea! This mom nailed the skeleton costume!

15. Unicorns

Baby’s first unicorn costume only required a unicorn horn. Sweet- but also creepy!

16. Irish Traditions

One more costume that is ideal for parents-to-be. Leprechaun and pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! So clever and adorable!

17. Octopus

This octopus costume is amazing! It does take some drawing skills, but it’s worth the effort! Rest assured you’ll be melting some hearts at the party!

18. Sporty

For the sporty expectant moms out there, a basketball bump is a great idea! Smart, yet simple and as inexpensive as it can get!

19. Wonder Baby

When you’re into DC comics and want to initiate your unborn baby to them! What better costume than Wonder Woman and her baby?

20. Pokemon Egg

Pokemon egg hatching T-shirt is a cute costume idea if you’re not a fan of elaborate costumes. Simple but nice and comfy.

21. Bun In The Oven

This is such a clever idea for a pregnancy costume! It only requires cardboard and paint and you have the cutest bun in the oven ever!

22. Cow And Farmer

This comes to add up to the expectant couples costume ideas and it’s a cute one. What do you think?

23. Scarecrow And Pumpkin

This costume basically requires only a hat and a T-shirt with a pumpkin on it. However, the outcome is adorable!

24. Monsters Inc. Part II

This is another interpretation of Mike Wazowski costome from Monsters Inc. Still a pretty sweet one.

25. Mama Bird

One more egg hatching costume that looks great! The background and the perspective of the photo make it look even more realistic!

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