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Tweeter slams Real Housewives Of Durban Star Nonku And Her Mom For Dragging Ayanda Ncwane

Viewers of the Real Housewives of Durban are on the verge of firing Nonku Williams' mother after her participation on the season two premiere left them unsatisfied with her comments. Despite having turned down the option to appear on season two of the famous reality program, Sfiso Ncwane's widow Ayanda was the major topic of discussion between Nonku and her mother, which viewers found offensive.

Nonku and Ayanda's late spouse have a daughter together. Nonku and her mother talked proudly of how they felt "it was only just" to demand that Ayanda pay damages for Sfiso's kid and recognize Nonku as the child's mother because Sfiso had died without doing so. Fans of the story have long ruled that the request was foolish, and that Nonku and her mother should not have turned their rage at Ayanda.

Nonku and her mother, on the other hand, saw nothing wrong with what they done. Tweeps were outraged that the couple felt at ease and pleased of doing Ayanda "dirty." "Nonku and her mother are terrible people. Why didn't they want those repercussions while Sfiso was still alive? Ayanda did not have a child with Nonku. Nonku has the arrogance to pretend to be a victim. "Sies!" said one spectator.

"Nonku uyadika, she causes issues and then encourages people not to 'concentrate on the bad' in order to evade accountability," added another. "I'm not sure why Ayanda's name was brought up so much while she wasn't present. That is impolite and uncalled for. Man, Nonku, do better!" Other people's responses urging Nonku's mother to resign are as follows.

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