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Scandal| Mbali puts more pressure on her uncle



Mbali is playing a dangerous game that can make things difficult in her life because she has been trying so hard to impress the Khubekas which ended up telling them lies about her family, where the saying that she comfromto a rich family that has a lot of money than the inlaws.

But now the past has come to haunt her because the Kubhekas are going all out to borrow money from her family, which seems more powerful than what Mbali has just mentioned about them which becomes more difficult for her to deal with the pressure she has.

Many people are waiting to see what will happen when her inlaws found out about this because it's clear that they won't find the money from them.

Maybe Jojo will have to accept that her inlaws didn't hate him at all because her wife is the reason that has caused this drama.

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