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Skeem Saam|Meikis Desperation Of Wanting Her Gun Back Will Leave Her Under Hot Water


Things have begun to hit up for Turfloop mother after she has recently got another business offer from one of the risky criminal in the roads of Limpopo which may be hard to decline, in light of the criminal that she has recently been involved onto that can send her for jail for quite a while. 

Sikes has associations that can make Meikie's lives to be hopeless in light of the fact that there is an impending legal dispute that is coming before long we're she may see herself been condemned to jail, which can allow Sikes an opportunity to flip around Meikies life's a direct result of the associations that she has. 

John have not yet caught wind of this proposition and the inquiry is will Meikie educates his family concerning this is on the grounds that Leeto is set for discover reality with regards to Sikes. After all Monday night was an enormous blow for him subsequent to finding that Noah is presently not in jail and this may be crafted by Sikes. 

It's inevitable before this comes out and Meikie may wind up in some hot water if plays his cards wrong in light of the fact that the fate of her family is on her hands, yet the Matlogoa family are likewise attempting to pay huge retribution on the Maputla family due to the separation that Leeto did to their youngster. 

There's additionally one more opportunity that Meekie may do as such that she can save herself from all of this dramatization so she can likewise not go to jail, where she can make an arrangement with the police to help them on capturing Sikes who has been the most needed man in the country this day. 

On the off chance that this arrangement happens any semblance of Babeile may get an enormous lift on their vocations since he seems like the kind of a cop that needs to place every one of the trouble makers into jail, and this may be his opportunity to capture the distant criminal who believes that he is exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else in this country.

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