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Makhadzi finally stands up against bullies

The sense of entitlement fans hold over celebrities is one very worrying and questionable; supporters feel so entitled to those they hold highly that they want to dictate what a person does, when, where and how. This has been going on for so long that it became a norm in a sense that if you’re not one to owe fans your lifestyle, then you’re not really a highly esteemed celebrity. 

Makhadzi is recently trending on social media platforms for reasons one should never trend for. It’s no secret that bullying has followed her from the beginning of her blow up into the music industry and it seems that trolls are not going to let it go any time soon as there is always something ‘wrong’ that Makhadzi does in their eyes. 

From physical appearance to what she gets involved in, trolls always find reason to get the singer down and they make sure that it gets to her. A recent yet past incident of bullying towards Makhadzi saw her trending for having dark inner thighs as she was performing at an event in Malawi. The magnitude of the matter was so intense that the singer took to social media to apologise and ask that her bullies be considerate when bringing her down as she could take the blows from haters, but wasn’t sure that her friends, family and loved ones were as strong. 

One could say that in all that she’s been put through, Makhadzi has learnt to do her, for her and let nothing negative anybody says destroy her. In the heat of the stir caused by the upcoming municipal elections in South Africa, many are very vigilant in their moves to avoid stepping on anybody’s toes. But Makhadzi couldn’t care less when taking up the initiative to link with a party that people hate and are keen on cancelling. 

A picture of Makhadzi in a dress of ANC colours circulates the internet as people wonder what is it that connects her to the very same party they have so openly spoken against and vowed to vote out. Instead of coming out as always and expected, Makhadzi wore the dress with pride and flaunted without response to anyone who felt entitled to get her out of that dress and in the point of explaining why and how she is in links with the political party. 

The talented singer is not one of many words as most troll cases wash away without a word from her, and this is one of them. However, after the dark inner thighs incident, many who thought she would respond were left disappointed as she rather decided that it is high time she takes charge of her life and allow haters to be; that is by not giving them power over her life. She does what she wants with whomever, just as everyone out there is doing.

Such issues should really not be a problem just because someone is in the limelight; they are human too at the end of the day; before anything. And it should remain so for all of us. Though, according cancel culture’, this might be a bad move for Makhadzi.

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