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Kabisi Is Haunted By The Ghost Of Tamryn

Generations The Legacy

Tshidi has brought misery into his life. When she came into his life the family did not like it. She came because she wanted a protection from him but now things are getting out of hands. Kabisi was sick with a kidney failure. He had a rare blood type which was difficult to get his kidney donor. Tshidi decided to do black market to find him a kidney. She contacted Doctor kanono and they found out that Tamryn is the same blood type as him. They offered her some money but she demanded more. They kidnapped her and took her kidney without her permission. She tried to ran away but she failed, they ended up killing her and take more parts from her including her blood.

Kabisi did not know that it was Tamryn who donated him a kidney. He found out later on and he was frustrated on Tshidi but it was too late. He has no peace because she is looking for her kidney. Whenever he is going he is seeing Tamryn's ghost and she wants her kidney back. He can no longer sleep at night because she is always in his dreams ,demanding him to give back her kidney. Tshidi has tried to calm him down but it is not helping.

He is taking his frustrations on Tshidi. He is blaming her for everything that is happening to him. She can sleep at night but he cannot sleep at night. Being haunted by a ghost is not a child's play because it is affecting him mentally. He humiliated himself in the public and Tshidi is angry with him but he is not taking it.

Tamryn wants her kidney back and thus means that if he take it back he will die. It is wrong to take someone's kidney without their permission.


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