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“ I am not reuniting with Kelly” Zandile Khumalo speaks out


The drama between Kelly Khumalo and her sister Zandile Khumalo is not going away anytime soon. The two have been arguing for a few months. While many thought they buried the ax and reconciled after Zandie posted a photo of Kelly's children bonding with their newborn, Zandie has dismissed those rumors. 

In a lengthy Instagram post, she said she decided to post the snapshot because Kelly's children had adopted her pregnancy and would monitor her regularly throughout her pregnancy. 

“They called me every week and literally forced me to put a phone on my stomach to be able to talk to their cousin. When he was born, they were eager to meet and hug him. When that moment happened and I saw the expression on his face, it was just magical for me, ”he said. 

Given his insult to Kelly, he said that he would not deny Kelly's children access to her baby and said that he would be absolutely cruel. 

“As an adult and as a mother, I have decided that my nephew and niece would never be influenced by what was happening between me and her mother, at least not on my part.

They are both still very young and have no contact with either side of their father, which is a decision of their mother that I respect, but neither will I deny them access to me or their cousin, that would be absolutely cruel of me. " She continued 

The image caused a stir on social media as some believed that she had reconciled with her sister, but by showing that blood is not thicker than water, she claimed that they are not yet at eye level. 

”However, I would like to state categorically that the situation between me and his mother remains the same and my feelings remain the same. I got all your messages excited after watching them together.

They really made my heart happy, but what I noticed is that some were taking my position as a sign of reconciliation or reunion between the two, but it was not. It was about the kids, ”Zandie wrote. In conclusion, she said that she spoke with Kelly's children about the situation and that it is not her responsibility to resolve it. 

Zandie and Kelly had an argument last year and it all has to do with Zandie's husband, Mhlonishwa Gumede. This follows after using Kelly's name at an event she did not participate in. 

Mhlo reportedly received a payment of R17,000 from the organizers for seeing Kelly and Vusi Nova's names, but Kelly did not know. Kelly distanced herself from the scandal and issued a statement saying that Mhlo was not her reservations manager; 

"With all due respect, Mhlo Gumede is my sister's husband and manager, NOT my reservations manager or part of my team, he was and never will be, so please DO NOT get involved in whatever I have to do with him" Kelly wrote at the time. 

Kelly later divorced her sister and in a statement Zandie said Kelly was toxic and needed help. In an explosive statement about the divorce, she made revelations that no one saw coming from her, including the fact that Kelly allegedly sabotaged and exploited her career. 

“If I divorced my husband, it could have been a little easier and easier, but I am separating from someone I have known all my life and with whom I have had laughter, pain, emotion and all my life I shared my disappointment , my sister, ”says Zandie's letter.

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