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Idols SA: Oskido guest judges and Nqobie gets a Zonke shout out

This evening on Idols we got to have the Kalawa Jazmee and career launching juggernaut that is Oskido. It makes sense since part of the Idols prizes is a recording contract with his company. This evening we also said goodbye to Sia, one of the best performers of the show in my humble opinions but the voters thought otherwise.

However, Berry opened the show with a strong ballad and made Unathi weep with joy about it. We also witnessed for the first time, Randall not mentioning the word "cabaret" when it came to her perfomance. I was starting to believe that he had a personal vendetta against her but he proved that he was capable of a compliment.

Kevin was a stand out performer for me and consistently every week where raises the bar higher and higher. I try to remain impartial every week but he is stunning to me. He is a consummate professional and perfectionist who is nails every song with the same energy throughout. Oskido noticed too as he asked him if he knew how to song write!

But tonight Oskido bent the rules and texted Zonke. He did some promoting as he mentioned she was releasing a song on Friday. But the most important part of his message was that Zonke was interested in writing a song for Nqobie. It is such a big deal at this stage of the competition where it's only the top 6.

It seems like the contestants all have their eye on the ending and with everyone being positive feedback save for S'22kile. The judges were a little harsh with her but it is the end. The competition needs to have the best vocalists. She tried harder for her second song but it didnt seem to make a palpable difference

As a guest judge though, I found Oskido to be the perfectly researched one out of all of the previous ones. He makes notes, he speaks of previous weeks and he makes constructive criticism. It is fitting that he is there to help cultivate new talent because that is his forte after all.

Personally, my top five are as follows:

1. Kevin

2. Karabo

3. Daylin Sass

4. Nqobie

5. Berry

Who is in your top five?

Thank you for reading!

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(Source: Idols SA on Msansi Magic DSTV channel 161)

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