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Divorce Affair

#Muvhango. Was Mulalo Requesting Divorce Papers From His Lawyer? Find Out Below.

Finally it's seems like Mulalo's relationship with Teboho has come to an end after a long time they have been together.

The deal of MMC have coused so many problems to Mulalo marriage. After was embarrassed in front of his enemies by His wife Teboho. He confirmed that if his wife want their marriage to be in the way it is she better not include him in that marriage.

Teboho justified her self by telling grandmother that she was tying to secure the deal so the MCC can not pass it to someone else. Which might not be the reason why she want behind his husband back.

To Mulalo it seems like Teboho want to take control in their marriage everything as if she is the man of the house. The question still remains Will Mulalo order his lawyer to bring divorce papers or the papers to sign the deal with the MCC?. You are allowed to leave you commit below.

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