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A Lady Found This in a Microwave When Her Mom Asked Her to Warm up Food

Kamo Marven, shared her story today about how she found her long lost box that she had kept some of her belongings in.

She explained that her mother woke her up this morning and asked her to warm up food for her. When she went to the kitchen to warm up food, she opened the microwave and found a box that she uses to keep her protections in.

Opening her box, she found her belongings still in the box. Suddenly, she thought that she could be homeless because her mother saw what she kept in the box.

In her mind, she thought that her mother woke her up on purpose even though she did not really want her food to be warmed up, she wanted Kamo to see that she found the box and saw what she has been up to.

Kamo shared her story yesterday, the 27th of September on Twitter. Read her story from the horse's mouth below;

After sharing this story, other people on Twitter think that Kamo's mother should rather be glad that her child is protecting herself let alone other things.

Well, this might be the opinion for other people but parents will always be protective of their kids and look out for them. Parents do not necessarily just allow their kids to do all things. Nevertheless, parents are different respectively.

Kamo did not give an update of what happened later after she found her box.

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