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Sad NEWS For Luyanda Potwana From (Nyan_Nyan) As He Did This To The Show. A Total DISBELIEF.


A particular man which is the presenter Only show that takes place on sabc 1 during weekend has left Mzanzi with wounds after hearing his story and people start reacting. This is showing that it's not anyone that would say they are life has started with a good slate because some of us are going through the almost every day and that's why we are waiting to see yourself winning. That is more important, don't you give up even when you are seeing that things are not going with you. I can tell this man is an inspiration to many people because there are so many people out there that are still believing that they will never make it in life because they are going so much to struggle. That's why you always told that we should not throw towel on us because you don't know when God may bless us with what we needed.

This is showing that the man didn't enjoy his life when he was still not waiting as a TV presenter. That's why in school, teachers are always telling us that we should focus on our lives, just so we don't struggle when life gets hard. I can tell that the man it's inspiring many people because his story is totally a nightmare. The man is truly thankful for everything that just happening in his life because he couldn't think that he would someday be on the TV show. The man has said it that used to wake up in the morning going to hustle, but things were not going good for him because he was underestimated. Some people are saying that when you want a job, you will have to make sure that you have some money in your pocket for in case if they want you to bribe.

Some people are saying in South Africa you'll have to buy a job if you want to work and if you don't, that means you will stay home until you understand that thanks are working with connections. Social media people happy that finally the man have managed to reach his dreams, and now he is waiting without anyone disturbing him. So many people I'm not happy that Luyanda is resigning from the show and they also thinking that they might end the show as well.

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DISBELIEF Luyanda Potwana


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