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“We were stuck at one place with no air coming just breathing in pepper spray“- Local Rapper Explain

A local rapper explains how it was like to be trapped in an area with no way out: "We were simply sitting there, breathing in pepper spray." 

People are asking each other on various social media platforms whether they know anyone who was in Enyobeni on the day that 22 people died there. They need an eyewitness with firsthand knowledge to clear up the confusion caused by the different competing accounts that have surfaced. There are so many different versions of what happened that many people are starting to think they're being lied to. 

However, there is a little boy who was invited to the show that day and is ready to speak about what happened to the people who lost their lives that day. When I went to Enyobeni, a local musician named Brian was playing. Brian is his name. A video of him performing on stage was released to social media, with the caption "Just minutes before the mayhem that finally resulted in my death." Reading this, several people sought him out, demanding an explanation for the 21 deaths that had occurred. 

Some people died, he said in the comments, because they were sprayed with pepper spray and couldn't move, and there wasn't enough air to go around. Others began to collapse, and in the confusion, others rushing to flee stepped on them as they lay on the ground. 

He continued by saying that the situation was dire because they had been suffocating on pepper spray for the better part of an hour. When pressed for an explanation, he indicated that security was trying to get people out of the arena when they resorted to pepper spray, but that newcomers were forcing and blocking the exits. He claimed that security was attempting to clear the building of patrons by using pepper spray. 

While he has indicated a willingness to testify, the problem is that he is scared of being charmed during the course of his testimony. Many individuals on social media recommended him to consult a therapist after he posted this, saying that the story had a terrible effect on them. 

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