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Robert Marawa Details life Threatening Situations he went Through

Robert Marawa Details life Threatening Situations

Date: 2021/10/08

Robert Marawa was hanging around with the biggest podcast in South Africa the podcast and chill the two broadcasting Legends, spoke for a period of more than two hours speaking of how Robert got fired from The SABC, and how he dated one of the most beautiful ladies in the country they spoke and they couldn't come to conclusions of what was really happening and why he was having all these heart attacks back to back.

Robert knows exactly how it feels when you are in pain and the ambulances cannot help you, because they looking for a medical aid card, the number one broadcaster has been through some of the hardest times any person can think of, he also survived the coronavirus at the same time through all of this.

People would think that him being on the television his life could be somehow easier compared to an average individual, but at the end of the day, life is tough for almost everybody even the people we think things are water milk, and honey for them dry spells come to the table because if you think about it they created a community of rich people around them, but they still go through anxieties and their stresses are bigger than ours because they're just, as big as their houses and their cars as well so it is true when they say in life we all go through stressors.

Even Shona Ferguson died of a heart attack right in the middle of lockdown this year and people thought that he had it all figured out, as he hired all these rich people and actors put them on fancy television shows and a bigger television, equipment that cost thousands and millions, but somehow he still had the same stressors at everybody go through but he was bigger because he had a lot of people that were depending on him to bring something to the table.


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