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Skeem Saam Tuesday 29 March 2022 Leeto finds himself entangled in Meikie’s problems find out here

Coming up on the next episode of Skeem Saam

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Leeto finds himself entangled in problems on his visit to Turfloop.

Let’s recap the previous episode.

Zamo asks John to help put in a good word for his mother at work. MaNtuli has messed up her probation, and John has had enough with her. Zamokuhle verifies if John still intends on diverging Meikie and John confirms it.

Meikie gets into a fight with her new cellmates. The two ladies look like they were planted there to just torment Meikie.

Meikie shows one of them who’s boss when she tries to attack her. Octavia made herself very important to Meikie when she took the blame for the fight. Octavia starts playing tit for tat with Meikie. If you don’t remember Octavia, I’ll remind you.

She is the Transnet scammer lady. Who took thousands of rands from unsuspecting victims like Melita and Marothi. She is probably working on scamming Meikie now.

Crypto file mysteries

Lehasa is going to Turfloop to confront Eunice, but Khwezi lets her insecurities about Pretty get in his way. Lehasa puts two and two together when Mkay gets a phone call from Eunice and talks about the money. He now knows the money is with Eunice.

Peterson pulls Craig out to the surface out of nowhere. Peterson thinks the abalone guys are coming after Katlego.

Tales of the yellow file

Speaking of Katlego, the Maputla file is keeping Kat preoccupied, and he calls Koko for advice on what to do with it. Koko plans to take it back to the village and burn it. This will secure Melita’s place in prison.

Lehasa overhears where the money Fanie stole might be.

Coming up on the next episode

Leeto is caught in Meikie’s fights while visiting Turfloop with his girlfriend.

He told Meikie that he was helping with her appeal and Bopape would file the papers on Tuesday.

Tails of the yellow file

Charles will catch himself in an unexpected situation when he comes across a specific file. I think it’s the Maputla file, and this file has a life of its own.

Elizabeth wants her money, and she has given Eunice a cut-off date. Eunice doesn’t know how to stop herself from getting into trouble.

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