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Bring back corporal punishment- Mzansi horrified by schoolgirl who handled principal with his kettle

Being back the corporal punishment- Means shocked by a schoolgirl who handled the principal with his kettle

Limpopo province seems to be topping the chart with having more schools with unruly children who do what they want when they want.

Just a week after an incident at Mbili, another one has surfaced at Giyani where a student has gotten in a dispute with the Principal over a confiscated cell phone which the learner has brought to school.

A female learner at Makula secondary school in Giyani has made the headline after she grabbed the principal with his manhood after he has to confiscate her cell phone which she has brought to the school and demanded that it is released back to her.

According to an update with Lola, the principal has not yet launched the complaint with the department of education, which he will hopefully do soon after these rotten manners of this student.

Mzansi was left horrified by this child's manner and shocked by how young children are slowly turning into little monsters. See reaction below

Source:Update with Lola

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