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OPINION| Kanye West May be Known as a Strong Man But There is Something Wrong About His New Look

I hope this makes people realize mental health conditions affects everyone. It can hurt all families and it’s sad and painful for all those involved. The media is involved in this one and makes it worse. Be thankful for your life when they are not airing your families mental health breakdowns, because we all know someone we love that is strugglingThis guy doesn’t have mental problems someone in a very high position manipulates him, people will think you are going crazy and yet there’s someone somewhere in for his future, I have been screaming to my family and they think I’m going crazy I can feel his pain, everyone thinks I’m depressed I am not close to being depressed or suffering from mental illness, not even close none of them know what they are talking about Kanye is the Master Manipulator of the Media and he has Mastered the art of making the world talk about him. He may be grieving and all, but he still knew that you would talk about him and he is winning. And there are people who think he is a genius, man needs help, he is acting out emotions he can't verbally express and trying so hard to be a legend he tipped off to being very unstable, different is okay and welcome he is not trying to be different he is beyond sanity No one is going to put up with this mask thing, he sounded terrible and looks Ridiculous. He needs some help, don't tell me it's art. Its mental health, He needs help I feel bad for him and people that love him. Mental health is not a laughing matter, I Pray he gets the help he needs, before we see his suicide posted on here next, this is so sadHe may be talented, he may be smart, but something is seriously off with him. He definitely needs prayers more than he needs criticism. Losing his mom definitely had a huge mental impact on him, he should keep him in prayer. He's clearly surrounded by people who don't care for him. This man is in need of serious help, his mental illness combined with the loss of his mother could actually lead him to completely lose his mind or even turn suicidal

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