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Pregnancy period

Mmatema Gavu is expecting again

The singer and idols star Mmatema Gavu announced that they are expecting their 2nd bundle of joy. Her and Mr G are very excited about the new addition to their family and that they need a bigger car on their YouTube channel. Mmatema announced that she is also pregnant with her sister. Mmatema also shared the reaction videos of her friends and family when she announced the pregnancy to them.

She is getting double the blassing as she just recently released her new music video yah weh and indeed he is yahweh. She got not 1 but double the blessings

We wish you well in this journey of your life mommy. We saw on a video that she shared on her toutiube, her 1st born is as exited as the parents to have a sibling. She welcomed her 2st child back in 2019 and now 2 years later she is pregnant yet again with her second baby.

Mmatema says she does not mind being a soccer mom meaning she does not mind another boy on the other hand Daddy G is holding thumbs for a princess. He was wishing for a girl even with their first child but unfortunately it was a girl.

Mmatema got married to the love of her life Mr G not so long ago before they welcomed their first baby Ethan, then two are bievers of christ and born again Christians.both in the music industry and their love story is a very beautiful one. The couple are thst kind of a couple we all pray for, they pray together, laugh together and work together on the other hand they grow their famy together with love and prayer. Mmatema is a bubbly someone who laugh out laud and beautiful inside and out, no matter the dissapintments she's always smiling so is Mr G. He has a very beautiful smile and is a very calm person who always supports his wife at all times. They shared beautify memories on their YouTube channel and out of their social networks but in their social circles.

Mmatema also mentioned that almost everyone in her life wanted her pregnant. They always asked her when is she getting Ethan a sibling. And the 2nd baby's journey started in prayer and fasting, early this year she embarked on the 21 day prayer and fasting to kicks start her year along with her man, the couple mentioned that after the 21 days they were all over each other and that is when baby number two was conceived. Mmatema also mentioned that she was not using any birth control since the fasting. And she only realized after she saw her tampons in the bathroom cabinet that she hasn't been using them for a long time and also vomited after eating her favorite food. That is when she decided to buy the pregnancy test and it did not even take time to show positive results. She met her friends and pranked them and said they need to support her she has a business deal oy to announce the pregnancy. Her fitness were so determined to make sure gets the deal only to be told about the pregnancy.

What a beautiful journey... Congratulations Mrs Gavu

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