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Limpopo & Venda is trending on Twitter after a man from Venda appeared on the Episode of Uyajola99

Every Sunday, many South African people always look forward to watching a show called Uyajola99. And this past Sunday was no different. This past Sunday, a guy from Limpopo particularly from Venda found himself appearing on the show. It is quite clear for everyone that people who appear on the show generally are found to be cheating on their partners. As always, Uyajola 9/9 was full of unnecessary drama! On the first episode, the cheating boyfriend was caught at a local eating house! The complainant tried to keep her cool and not follow him around, but it is the girl he was cheating with who stunned viewers!

A man from Limpopo cheated on his partner and If anything, this just showed that sometimes men cheat and find themselves being with women who will bite dust before letting them go. Now, she won't allow him to go back to his main girlfriend even though she knows very well that he was dating her. He has intentionally put himself in an uncomfortable space where he doesn't even have autonomy over his decisions and action.

As one would expect would, Limpopo and Venda is trending on social media platforms particularly on Twitter following the appearances of the man who is from Venda. And people had interesting things to:

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