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Tonight on #SkeemSaam: Leeto Received Call That Changes Everything. SEE What Happen To Noah Matloga

Tonight on #SkeemSaam: Leeto Received Call About NoahThat Will Change Everything. SEE How Noah Got Out Of Prison


Noah is no long in prison and Leeto has been seeking the truth eversince he has his own doubt. I tonmdays episode Leeto will be shocked hear about the missing convict and its none other than Noah Matloga. Bra Sikes is the behind the release of Noah. If you remember clear after he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, Bra Sikes was waiting for him in that cell. He knew what was going to happen to him. He also said that he has been trying hard to keep him out of prison. If you love him you will be happy now that we are going to see daddy and son in action agaist the Maputla's.

Boyza is finally coming to apologise again to papa Leeto. I can't wait for him to come back and terrorise Papa Leeto cuz I miss that clap he received last time.

Meikie finally got her match in Bra Zikes. Just when i thought i might b losing interest on watching SkeemSaam, then Bra Sikes approaches Meikie to work hand in hand with him. Remembering that they never met but got to know each other because of their history.

At least now Meiki will have something or someone to keep her busy. Meikie aka #Skeemsaam Cynthia Rothrock who thought she can go around bullying everyone has finally met her match. She has too much free time. Meikie and Bra Sikes, the two are the same people's tsotsi and tsotsi smell same and is team now. Meikie has been offered a offered she can't refuse. Bra Sikes old have hold tickets for Meikies freedom.

I like Mary Matloga, the way she is handling Meiki, the Seakamelas will find peace. Now she has to deal with Bra Sikes. I think its Noah or Bra Sikes calling Leeto.

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